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The extensive collection of paintings on this site can be accessed and viewed in a number of ways as described below. While this site presently contains over 600 viewable paintings, as of yet, not all of the pieces contain accompanying descriptive text and iconographic interpretations. We consider this site to be a work in progress, and we will continue to update and enhance it.

Three graphical representations of each painting are available on the painting's individually presented web page as follows:

  1. A small, quickly loading version (click here for an example)
  2. A larger version (click here for an example)
  3. A very large, very detailed version in Acrobat (PDF) format. This file format allows you magnify the image for further detail viewing. You need the Adobe Acrobat Reader program (which you can download for free from Adobe) to view these PDF files. To view a PDF file example, click here

To Search
By Description
on the upper portion of the search page, select one or more of the available items presented; for example, you may request "All paintings, from the time period 1200-1299, containing Buddha Shakyamuni"; note that a description search, without any specified criteria, will result in a list of the entire collection, ordered sequentially, by painting number

By Painting Number
in the middle portion of the search page, simply enter the painting number and click the 'Search' button

By Painting Set
on the lower portion of the search page, select the painting set name and click the 'Search' button If you have any questions regarding the collection or this site, please contact us at info@tibetart.com

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