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Mandala of
(painting no. 279)

Collection: Shelley & Donald Rubin
Origin: Tibet
Date: 1700-1799
Size: 40x40cm (16x15.75in)
Paint: Ground Mineral Pigment
Ground Material: Cotton
Lineage: Nyingma, Rime (Non-sectarian)

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This Thangka portrays Avalokitesvara, the Great Compassionate One, known in Tibet as Chenrezi. He sits with four arms, two hands hold a crystal rosary and a lotus flower, two hands are folded in the "Jewel Holding" Mudra, to indicate that he holds the most precious truth of the Dharma. He is sitting at the center of a mandala with six Buddhas around him. This indicates that he uses his enlightened energy for each of the six classes of living beings. In this way he seeks to transform the realms of darkness, controled by Yama, into realms of compassion and enlightenment.

CW 11/97

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Photographed Image Copyright © 1998 Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation

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Copyright © 1998 Shelley and Donald Rubin Foundation, Shelley and Donald Rubin